Our Goal: 10X Return On Investment

Testimonials from past clients show that an investment in our SCDT typically yields a 10x Return On Investment, and in some cases many times greater. We're confident that many organizations can achieve similar returns.

Should the ROI calculator project a return of 10X or even more, we urge you to contact us immediately. You could be leaving a lot of money on the table, and our SCDT can help you uncover it.

Try our ROI calculator now and discover how much more your organization can earn and save by using our Supply Chain Digital Twin.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What kind of Return on Investment (ROI) can we expect from using the Supply Chain Digital Twin? +

Our goal is to ensure that every dollar spent with us translates into at least a 10x return on your investment. The ROI from the Supply Chain Digital Twin (SCDT) is realized in multiple ways.

With the SCDT, you can identify and eliminate inefficiencies in your supply chain operations. The simulation capabilities of the SCDT help you maintain an optimal inventory level, leading to significant savings, improved product availability, and reduced wastage from overstocking or stockouts.

"The outcome has been nothing short of remarkable. In that time, we've seen our service levels rise to our customers by a little over 5%. At the same time, we've seen our inventory levels drop by a quarter billion dollars across the board, which has led to reduced markdowns and reduced excess and obsolescence of over a hundred million dollars."
- Robert Meshew, CTO of Microsoft of Global Supply Chain
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For example, if you're a small company investing $1000 per month in the SCDT, our goal is for our Supply Chain Digital Twin to quantifiably and demonstrably save or generate $10,000 for your organization in that same month. This could be through enhanced service levels to your customers, reduced inventory holdings translating to substantial cost savings, and minimized excess and obsolescence leading to fewer markdowns.

This 10x return is a guiding principle that applies across all our price plans, from 'Micro' to 'Enterprise'.

If you're interested in seeing how other companies have benefited from our Supply Chain Digital Twin, you can find detailed case studies on our Resources page.

2. How do I choose the right plan for my company? +

To choose the right base plan for your organization, consider the following criteria for each plan:

Monthly: This plan is designed for those who value flexibility and short-term commitments. Commit for a minimum of three months to harness the full potential of the Supply Chain Digital Twin. After this period, adjust or cancel your subscription to suit your evolving business requirements. Enjoy the liberty of making changes without long-term ties, with the freedom to cancel whenever you choose.

Annually: Our annual plan is best suited for organizations ready to make a long-term commitment. With this plan, you get uninterrupted access to the Supply Chain Digital Twin for an entire year at our best rates.

Perpetual: Choose our perpetual plan if you prefer making a one-time investment. This plan provides lifetime access to the current version of the SCDT. All updates made to the SCDT within the first year of purchase are included, and following the first year, an optional annual maintenance fee applies if you wish to continue receiving updates.

If you're still unsure which plan best suits your organization's needs, we recommend scheduling a call with us so that we can understand your situation and challenges.

Click the "Get Started" button to book a call with us.

3. What forms of payment do you accept? +

We accept all major credit cards, bank transfers, and payments via PayPal. There are no additional transaction fees for any of the payment methods. We've incorporated these costs into our pricing, so the price you see is the final price you pay, excluding any applicable taxes or duties.

Please note: The prices listed do not include any taxes, VAT, or other applicable charges that might be levied by your local jurisdiction or country. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to be aware of and cover any such additional costs. Depending on where your company is based, there might be taxes and/or VAT applied to the final purchase price.

4. What happens after we buy one of the plans? What's the process? +

Once you've purchased one of our plans, we initiate a systematic onboarding process that typically takes about two weeks. With effective communication, this process could potentially be reduced to one week.

After the purchase, we provide you with a data template and the SCDT user guide. It's crucial for you and your team to fill this data template with the relevant information from your IT systems. This data is needed for the SCDT to run simulations of your company and operations.

In addition to these resources, we will also arrange two important calls with you and your team:

Guided Onboarding Call: We aim to schedule this call within two business days of your purchase. During this call, one of our team members will guide you through the process of downloading, accessing, and activating your licenses for the Supply Chain Digital Twin.

One-on-One Support Session: Within three business days of the Guided Onboarding Call, we aim to schedule a One-on-One Support Session with one of the developers of our Supply Chain Digital Twin. This session will help you and your team maximize the use of the Supply Chain Digital Twin.

If additional support is needed beyond these sessions, we offer flexible support packages that provide 8 additional hours of support, ensuring your team can fully leverage the SCDT.

Should you encounter any critical issues or technical difficulties during the onboarding process, our team will be readily available to provide immediate assistance.

We are committed to making this onboarding process as smooth and efficient as possible for you and your team.

5. Are there long-term commitments when buying any of the plans? +

Our pricing plans do not require any long-term commitments. Whether you select monthly or annual, you make a one-time payment for the duration of your choice. After your subscription period ends, you have the freedom to change plans, be it an upgrade or downgrade, according to your needs. Please note, there is a minimum 3-month commitment for the monthly plan.

If you've chosen the Perpetual plan, which provides lifetime access to the Supply Chain Digital Twin (SCDT), please note that this decision is final. Since the Perpetual plan grants you access indefinitely, downgrading in terms of duration isn't possible. However, this plan is not different in features, only in its duration.

6. Is my data secure with the Supply Chain Digital Twin (SCDT)? +

Absolutely. The SCDT operates on your computer, meaning all your data stays with you. The only way we will ever access your data is if you share it with us. If you ever need to send us any data, we maintain strict confidentiality, only using it to assist with your SCDT operations and never sharing it outside of our company.

7. Can I cancel my subscription at any time?+

For the monthly subscription of the Supply Chain Digital Twin (SCDT), there's a 3-month minimum commitment. After this initial period, you are free to cancel at any time. As for the annual plan, which necessitates a one-time upfront payment, cancellation within the subscription year isn't possible. However, when the subscription year ends, you have the discretion to either renew or discontinue your plan. Rest assured, we don't have automatic renewals; the choice always remains with you.

8. How many licenses do we get when we pay for one of the plans? +

The number of licenses you receive depends on the plan you choose. For the Individual plan, you get a single license.

For all other plans - Micro, Small, Medium, Large, or Enterprise - we generate as many device-specific licenses as needed for the duration of your subscription. If you need to switch devices, we'll generate a new license for the new device at no extra cost.

Perpetual licenses for the Supply Chain Digital Twin (SCDT) are a bit different, providing you with "lifetime access". Although these licenses are issued in 3-year increments for administrative reasons, they don't expire. When a 3-year term ends, if you want us to generate a new license for that device, we'll provide it at no additional cost.

9. What benefits can we expect from Consulting, In-House Training, or Tech Support? +

Consulting: Our service goes beyond just a software implementation; it’s about integrating the transformative power of the Supply Chain Digital Twin (SCDT) seamlessly into your strategic operations. Leveraging the deep expertise behind our platform, we assist in configuring and optimizing the SCDT to match your unique supply chain intricacies. By doing so, we enable your managers to gain data-driven insights, effectively simulate diverse scenarios, and make informed strategic and tactical decisions that can elevate operational and financial performance.

In-House Training: Through this, we not only familiarize your team with the technicalities of the SCDT but also educate them on the underlying principles of dynamic simulation modeling and the best practices in supply chain management. This ensures that your team can fully exploit the platform’s capabilities, from running sensitivity analyses to predicting the impacts of changes on both operational and financial dimensions.

Tech Support Our service ensures that your experience with the SCDT remains smooth and efficient. Whether it's about integrating the SCDT with your existing ERP systems or addressing any technical glitches, our dedicated team is always on standby.

10. How do I become a reseller of the SCDT? +

If you're interested in becoming a reseller of the Supply Chain Digital Twin (SCDT), the first step is to purchase an individual license. This gives you an individual license to the SCDT and you'll be given the opportunity to become a reseller.

We recommend reaching out to us at prior to purchasing the individual license, so we can provide comprehensive information about the process and benefits of becoming a reseller.

11. How are the prices for each plan calculated? +

The pricing for each plan, from Individual to Enterprise, is determined by the subscription period. However, the way we have determined the price for all plans is the same.

Please note that all our plan costs are billed as a one-time payment for the period you choose. You cannot, for example, choose the annual plan and pay on a monthly basis to pay a lower amount per month.

For a few of the prices, we have rounded down the price to keep the prices even and avoid decimals.

To help you understand how we calculate the pricing, we'll use the Micro plan as an example:

Monthly price: The base cost per month. For the Micro plan, it's $500.

Annual price: Opt for an annual subscription and you effectively get 2 months free. We multiply the Micro plan's monthly cost of $500 by 10 (not 12) to arrive at the annual price of $5000. Choosing the annual option saves you 16.7% compared to paying monthly.

Perpetual price: This is 2.5 times the annual price, providing a significant discount for long-term use. For the Micro plan of SCDT, we multiply the annual cost of $5000 by 2.5 to reach the perpetual price of $12500. Opting for the perpetual license results in savings of 37.5% over 4 years and 50% over 5 years.

The "monthly" cost shown for perpetual licenses on our pricing table, it's derived from the one-time perpetual price divided by 36. Essentially, we're spreading the cost over three years to provide a helpful reference for comparison. For the Micro plan, that's $12500 / 36, which gives us the rounded figure of $347. Please remember, this figure is simply a reference point. The perpetual price still requires a one-time payment. The longer you use the perpetual license, the lower the effective "monthly" cost becomes.

We use this method of calculation for all our plans, and the base monthly cost will vary according to the plan. Check out the pricing table on our pricing page for accurate costs for each plan.

And remember, regardless of the plan, all payments are made as a one-time payment.

12. What are the maintenance costs associated with the Perpetual Plan? +

With the Perpetual Plan, you'll receive all updates to the Supply Chain Digital Twin (SCDT) within the first year of your license purchase at no extra cost. After the first year, if you wish to continue receiving updates for another year, an optional annual maintenance fee applies, amounting to 15% of the initial perpetual license cost. Remember, you are under no obligation to continue updating the SCDT, and you're free to continue using it indefinitely without further updates.

For example, if you purchased a perpetual for the Large plan for $125,000, then the optional maintenance fee for updates for the subsequent year would be a one-time payment of $18,750.


Jaco-Ben Vosloo

Jaco-Ben is VP of Technology at Goldratt Research Labs. He has extensive experience in delivering end-to-end supply chain simulation projects to support supply chain and business transformation projects, including five years of relevant experience in senior positions with BHP Billiton. He brings a deep understanding of simulation modeling and Theory of Constraints best practices in supply chain and operations management. Jaco-Ben holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and a MSc in Simulation.


Anri Gathercole

Anri holds a B.Eng in Industrial Engineering and is passionate about improving systems and processes. She was introduced to the Theory of Constraints while she was studying and was immediately captivated. She did her final year project in collaboration with Goldratt Research Labs about inventory management, titled “Determining the boundary conditions of various inventory management policies using simulation.” After completing her degree, she joined the Goldratt Research Labs team, where she is involved in digital marketing and simulation modeling.


Dr. Andrey Malykhanov

Dr. Andrey Malykhanov is one of the world's leading simulation experts, working closely with Dr. Alan Barnard over the past few years to develop simulation models for vast and complex supply chains, project, retail, and mining environments. Andrey is also a co-managing partner of Amalgama LLC, based in UAE, which provides professional services in Simulation and simulation-based consulting. Andrey holds an MSc and a Ph.D. in applied computer science - Simulation.


Dr. Benjamin Schuman

Ben is passionate about simulation and is a recognized thought leader in the community. He delivers innovative keynote speeches, co-hosts a simulation podcast, and writes a blog on all things simulation. He joined Goldratt Research Labs in 2018, focusing on productionising simulation models for a broader audience. Ben started his passion for simulation during his Ph.D. in Complex Systems Simulation at the University of Southampton (UK). After that, he worked with decisionLab, a boutique simulation consulting firm in London, for three years. Before joining Goldratt, he worked as a simulation consultant with McKinsey & Company, Inc., predominantly in their supply chain and mining practices.


Dr. Vitaliy Chernenko

Dr. Vitaly Chernenko is one of the world's leading simulation experts and has developed simulation models for vast and complex supply chains, project, retail, and mining environments. Vitaliy is also a co-managing partner of Amalgama LLC, based in UAE, providing professional Simulation and simulation-based consulting services. Vitaly holds an MSc and a Ph.D. in applied computer science - Simulation.


Muhammad Suleman Mirza

Muhammad Suleman Hamza is a proficient AnyLogic Simulation Developer and a Computer Science graduate. With a strong foundation in Java and AnyLogic, he has developed numerous simulation models, showcasing his exceptional problem-solving skills. Muhammad's dedication to excellence, coupled with his relentless pursuit of knowledge, positions him as a valuable asset in the realm of simulation development, where he continues to push boundaries and deliver cutting-edge solutions. 


Teo Branzell

Teo, the youngest team member at Goldratt Research Labs, has a passion for finding innovative approaches to problem-solving and developing practical solutions.

Since joining the team in 2020, Teo has taken on a range of responsibilities including managing the development of the Harmony Decision Maker app, leading marketing initiatives, overseeing customer support, and more. His dynamic role reflects a commitment to enhancing decision-making processes and contributing significantly to the company’s growth and outreach.



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Have a question or want to learn how the Supply Chain Digital Twin can help your company?

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Have a question or want to learn how the Supply Chain Digital Twin can help your company?

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